KeemStar Roasts Girl Who Leaked 905Shooters Video That Got Him Removed From NELK Calling Her “The Biggest Clout Chasing Buffoon He’s Ever Met”

KeemStar reported that 905 Shooter was released from NELK because he was sending inappropriate videos to fans.

And according to KeemStar the girl who leaked the video is “the biggest clout chasing buffoon” that he has ever met.ย 

You’re going to ask for revenue and a shoutout? C’mon! SMH….ย 

I really hope that this girl didn’t attempt to ruin 905’s career over nothing. Maybe they were talking, maybe the video wasn’t out of hand because she sent things… All because of her coming out and asking for money and shoutouts it changes my entire opinion of the situation.ย 

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