KeemStar is the Internets Biggest Racist Douchebag and Spencer Taylor (@SpencerVYBES) Is Ready To Fight Him And I’m Totally For It | @KeemStar

Keemstar is the absolutely the biggest douchebag on the Internet. I’m so sick of hearing this guy. DRAAAAMAAA ALEERRRTTT NAAATIONNN.. I’ve never wanted to smack the shit outta someone as much as Keemstar. I’ve honestly never watched someone constantly act like he’s never done anything wrong in his life and constantly attempts to drag everyone else’s name.


Logan and Jake Paul can’t even turn around without Keemstar posting something about them. It’s honestly sickening.

Logan Paul might have lost his fight against KSI, but honestly… No one cares. Keemstar this “loss” isn’t going to hurt Logan’s career.

Now Keemstar is going after Logan’s buddy Spencer Taylor and Spencer offered to fight Keemstar, and I am totally for it. I’d totally love to watch Spencer step into the ring with Keemstar. I’ve got my money on Spencer, Keemstar is too big of a biiiiiitch, and it’s proven. He’s nothing but a crybaby.

Eh, Keem… Want this video to go re-viral? Racist, bigot. Act like you’ve done nothing wrong – but deep down you’re a racist, loser! 

Keep making your bullshit videos, Keem! Your personality sucks, you never actually laugh, you just talk about other people and how they’re worse than you are. That isn’t right. You suck.

On this podcast below Keemstar talked about how Logan’s views suck and talk about how his are awesome although Logan does 10x the numbers he does:


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