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Kaepernick, Tebow Reject AAF Offers | Kaepernick Asks For $20 MILLION

The Alliance of American Football just had their first week. They’ve taken the world of sports by storm under the management of league CEO Charlie Ebersol. Eberson, according to league co-founder Bill Polian in an interview with The Athletic’s Lindsay Jones, noted that he’s reached out to both Colin Kaepernick and Mets’ minor league farmhand Tim Tebow. The attempt to gauge interest was unsuccessful.

According to Barry Wilner of the Associated Press, the league claimed that the former ’49ers quarterback asked for a minimum of $20,000,000. In response to the former Heisman Trophy award recipient, Tebow has completed shifted his focus to make the Major Leagues and leading the Mets’ to their first NL East championship since 2015.

Interestingly, Kaepernick has screamed collusion on the NFL due to their stance on knees, but it’s hard to argue collusion if he’s turning down job offers like this. The whole platform the Alliance is to offer jobs to players no longer in the NFL. Pro Sports Extra will keep you updated on the story as more info progresses.

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