Jordan Hill Resigns With the Lakers

by Anthony Groves | Posted on Saturday, July 21st, 2012

Forward Jordan Hill has resigned with the Los Angeles Lakers with a two-year deal worth approximately $8 million. Hill, 24, averaged 5 points, 4.8 rebounds a game last season, despite only appearing in seven games. The Arizona alum was drafted 8th overall by the New York Knicks in the 2009 NBA draft. Hill played two seasons in New York, until he was then dealt to Houston in a three team trade. He was then traded to the Los Angeles Lakers last season in a deal that sent Derek Fisher to the Rockets.

The Lakers has had a busy off-season with the signing of Steve Nash, and trade talks with the Orlando Magic involving Dwight Howard. Jordan Hill will bring energy, size, and depth to the Los Angeles Lakers. Hill should improve a lot with the addition of future Hall of Famer Steve Nash. If the Lakers acquire Dwight Howard, they will be the favorites to win the west.

What does this signing mean for the Lakers? Some will ask this since Jordan Hill isn’t a household name in the league. However, this deal means a lot for the Lakers. Hill is a energy player. ¬†His teammates will rub off of his energy on the court, which will lead to better play. Also, Pau Gasol is in his 30s. Which means that Hill will have to play more minutes so Gasol doesn’t have to play the same amount of minutes he has been playing in recent years. For example, Gasol on average played 37 minutes a game last season. If Hill can play 10-15 minutes a game to cut Gasol’s minutes to about 32 a game, and cut down Bynum’s minutes down to about 31-32 a game, then the Lakers front court will be more refreshed come playoff time, and they’ll be able to play down low more effectively against the powerhouses in the west. Jordan Hill will be a key part in the Lakers road to a championship.

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