Joe Rogan to host the 2020 US presidential debates??

Okay folks 2019 is getting weird. We got a reality star in the white house and have for awhile now, Dave Portnoy is fighting unions (as a joke), a man survived a shark AND a bear attack, some kid got 7 million dollars in scholarships, a hippo predicted the super bowl, and now we have a petition to have Joe Rogan host the presidential debates…

Joe Rogan for those who have been under a rock he’s hosted the famous tv show FEAR FACTOR, he does color commentary for the UFC, he loves DMT, he won the US Open of taekwondo championships, he loves weed, he’s one of the most popular stand-up comedians in the US, oh and he hosts a Podcast called the Joe Rogan Experience where he has guests from all walks of life, oh and its the #1 podcast in the world. also he smoked weed with Elon Musk.

So now you’re caught up on that there is a petition that is out there to get this real life “most interesting man” to host the 2020 presidential debates and guess what folks??? 87 thousand people have signed this thing as of now and its only growing!! 2019 folks!! I LOVE IT!!

He might make the debates MUST WATCH TV!!! It would be even better if he did the debates like he does his podcast. He could start the conversation with gun control and BANG we are talking about Aliens, then BANG we are walking medical reform, then BANG we are talking about legalizing magic mushrooms federally! I might just boycott the debate and election if this doesn’t happen

I’m not a petition guy but SIGN THIS NOW


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Que the DMT memes

Cheers folks 

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