Jawn Wick Trending After 6 Officers Shot In Hourslong Stand-off #PhiladelphiaShooting

I fell asleep early last night – which you can probably tell because I’m awake at 4 in the morning blogging about the shooting that happened last night in Philadelphia.

After hours of the standoff being reported Twitter users started calling the guy, Jawn Wick, which is talked about below:

A little after midnight is when the suspect gave himself up – it came briefly after police talked to him on the phone.

About 15 popping sounds and billows of smoke were seen shortly after midnight as police fired teargas into the home, followed by shouted commands.

“Police, put your hands on your head and come out front,” police yelled repeatedly through a bullhorn.

“Keep your hands up, keep your hands up, keep your hands up.”

Soon after, the command was, “Go on the ground, go on the ground.”

Today’s a day to be thankful, no one died: which is a shocker seeing six officers were shot. Thoughts and prayers are with the officers and their families.

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