It Looks Like Avenatti Will Remain In Custody.

The hard-charging attorney who rose to prominence after representing Stormy Daniels in her case against President Trump. The case made the attorney a media darling.

It appears that like Icarus…Avenatti flew a little to close to the sun.

After a tense conference with the judge presiding over his SDNY case that he allegedly attempted to extort Nike and having his motion to preclude evidence of his reported debts or a delay in the hearing defense requested denied.

The attorney was testifying and at a CA State Bar hearing to place his law license on involuntary inactive status.

He was arrested during his Bar hearing and it appears he may have violated his supervised release terms.

The hearing for these alleged violations is at 2:00 PST and if it is the case referenced below…it does not look good for his remaining on supervised release and will be remanded in custody for the remainder of his cases.

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