Is It Time For The Lakers To Trade Antwan Jamison?

by Stefan Abramian | Posted on Saturday, December 29th, 2012
To all the Lakers fans that have been keeping with them some people noticed something awkward. Antwan Jamison is not getting minutes. No he is not injured. He is perfectly fine. In yesterdays game the Lakers had a decent lead in the fourth quarter against the Portland Trailblazers. D’Antoni decided to put Jordan Hill in instead of Jamison. No disrespect to Hill but Jamison deserve more minutes. He used to be a solid power forward in Mike Browns system. Brown had worked with him in Cleveland. Antwan had this to add.
“Fifteen years,” the Lakers forward said, recapping his career. “My only thing is let me know why. I don’t think you go from starting and 30-something minutes to not in the rotation whatsoever. And not explaining to me what exactly happened, that’s the toughest thing. There’s nothing you can do but be positive and support your teammates. The only reason I came here was they said I was going to play and to win a championship”. Source ESPN.
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