“I’m Alive!!” – Famous Bounty Hunter Duane ‘The Dog’ Chapman Tells Fans To Stop Paying Attention To Fake Social Media Posts About His Death | @DogBountyHunter

Photo Courtesy: Duane Dog Chapman (Twitter)

Duane ‘The Dog’ Chapman, famous for his show, ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter,’ took it to social media to show off that he is alive.

This comes after someone or some people were posting news updates that Chapman died from either a flare-up from his recent heart problems or suicide as a result from depression.

One of these hoax posts from social media can be shown below.

Even though his show ended in 2012, you can bet that he is still alive. Even from his Twitter post with the picture, “I’m alive,” on it.

This also comes off as coarse, based on the fact that the Dog’s wife, Beth, passed away back in June earlier this year.

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