If You’re Going To Ban Vapes/ECigs, Ban Cigarettes While You’re At It | Look At These Shocking Cigarette Death Stats

Vapes and E-Cigs are suppose to be a “healthier alternative to cigarettes” but apparently they’re not? Michigan is banning flavored E-Cigs and it looks like the White House isn’t far out from banning them as well.

But why? Because kids are using them? Listen. I get it. We don’t want our kids lungs to be shot OR even worse to possibly die. But let’s be real here…. We ALL know cigarettes are far worse.

Death rate from cigarettes:

That should be the stat that Donald Trump looks at…. 1,3000 deaths EVERY DAY! But here we are banning vapes because a few kids died from it?

Listen. I don’t want any kids to die. But look at the long lasting effects from cigarettes. If you’re going to BAN one, BAN them both.

Maybe this is a step in the right direction, but look at the stats. WAAAY more people die daily from cigarettes, but we don’t blink an eye because of it.

I don’t smoke cigarettes or vapes. Both should be made illegal. Not just one, both of them.

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