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Idiot Tampa Bay Buccaneers Fan Shares What He Thought Was A Picture With “Newest” Member Of Bucs, Ndamukong Suh…. Only To Be Bob From Accounting

I’m blogging this from my phone because as I rolled over and checked social media – I couldn’t help but nearly die from the laughter after seeing this Tampa Bay fan share a picture of who he thought was recently signed Ndamukong Suh.

Well first off buddy, Suh isn’t even in the United States right now. Suh just posted this on his Instagram story:

Second off, are you kidding me? Lol. They’re not even close to looking alike.

[insert white people think all black people look alike joke.] This fan has to feel like an idiot. How didn’t he realize it? Was this guy playing along with it all? Did he know that the guy thought he was Ndamukong? Was this “fan” talking him up and calling him Ndamukong? There’s no way.  Or did he just walk up and ask Bob from accounting for a picture? Lol. Because the look on his face sure makes it seem that way. He legit looks so confused, he has the ‘why is the guy trying to take a picture with me before I eat’ look….

Do you think he got a free meal out of it? Could you imagine the exchange when he asked for a picture?  Should this guy be embarrassed for thinking he was taking a picture with Suh? Or does this happen more often than I think? Because this shit is gold.  I can picture this dude with tons of excitement thinking Suh is walking in….  Him: “Welcome to Waffle House, and Tampa Bay” Guy with awkward “thanks” Him: “I’m so glad you’re here, I’m a huge fan” Guy with awkward “thanks” Him: “That’s an awesome hat!. Can we get a picture? Your meals on the house” Guy with awkward but thankful “yes.“ Guy in head: this is the nicest place ever, I need to come to this Waffle House more often. Be better than this Tampa Bay.

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