Hundreds of People Are Planning On Attending The Revealing Of The NEW Yooper Mountain Dew Bottle

As you probably remember Mountain Dew screwed up and included the Upper Peninsula in Wisconsin and not Michigan. And Yoopers were a little upset and to make it UP Mountain Dew decided to create an Upper Peninsula Mountain Dew Bottle.

Mountain Dew asked Yoopers what they enjoy on Twitter and now they’ve come up with the perfect Mountain Dew bottle label!

And on top of that you can see the revealing this Sunday and take home some of the new Yooper Mountain Dew.

The revealing event will take place at The Upper Peninsula Supply Co. in Marquette, Michigan.

And to top it off there are already hundreds of people planning on going.

Maybe they should block the street off, and have a little party afterwards?

The event details are below:

To RSVP click here.

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