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Hard Rock Stadium Beer Vendor Arrested For Charging $724 For Two Beers During Dolphins Game

Image Credit: Miami Herald

A Hard Rock Stadium beer vendor has been arrested for overcharging a fan over $700 worth of beer during a Miami Dolphins game this season. 

According to a report by, 33-year-old Nathaniel Collier was charged with grand theft and using a skimming device. 

The incident happened when a fan purchased two beers and Collier used the card through an ‘personal scanning device,’ which was not authorized and provided by the stadium. Afterwards, the fan received a note from his bank of the big charge of $724, which displays the name of the vendor. 

The vendor’s name was Rocket Man, a subcontractor/beer stand that sold the beer at the stadium that day. 

Our condolences go towards the poor fan here. Having to go through a long season and now this.


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