Hard Knocks highlights



Hard knocks this week wasn’t that good in my opinion. They left out nearly every cool moment in camp other than the fight. They didn’t show Hunter Renfrows amazing catch in the corner of the endzone that took over #RaiderNation Twitter. I mean I know he looks like a substitute teacher but come on give the man some love!!

Jonathan Abram wasn’t the focal point in this episode but he definitely is someone I’m pumped to watch grow.

Now to the man of the hour…. MAD MAX CROSBY!!! This man is the type of blue collar type player I love to see playing for the Raiders!!He had the greatest rookie performance ever on Hard Knocks and everyone knows it!!!  He gets the most random tattoos in the world on his way to getting a full sleeve, this man breaks his had in a preseason game then says “I aint leaving, I am playing, I don’t care if this doesn’t matter, I love football!!” that’s why my next jersey order from a site that may or may not be Chinese jerseys for $20.99 will include a Max Crosby jersey.

Oh and Derek Carr was more nervous asking his wife to marry him than he does playing football… THAT’S MY GUY

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