Small town doesn’t mean small heart Cody Dingeldey will do “anything” to make an NFL roster

by Trevor Uren | Posted on Friday, April 1st, 2016

FB_IMG_1459534299565Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Cody Dingeldey and Cheryl who is Cody’s mother. Cody grew up in a town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan that has roughly 2,000 people. The town that goes by the name of L’Anse. Cody played his high school years as a member of the L’Anse Purple Hornets. As a senior in high school the Hornet standout was being looked at by the Ferris State Bulldogs. Dingeldey was a multi-sport athlete as he participated in basketball, one season of golf, and one season of track along with football. Dingeldey mentioned he wishes he would have played hockey as well. As Dingeldey’s high school career started to end he decided that Ferris is where he’d continue to play football, the following season there he was out on the field as a Bulldog.

As his career continued in college, Dingeldey ended up gaining a starting spot as the Bulldogs beat Michigan Tech. This was a huge game for Cody as he grew up 30 minutes away from the Michigan Tech campus.

Even though his first season was a couple years ago, this season would be his last while playing college football. But with a heart the size of Cody’s his football career may not be over. As training with head trainer Jim Kielbaso before his Combine and Pro Day, Dingeldey noticed steady improvement in his numbers. Dingeldey showed off at his pro day with 31 reps in the bench press which was the third best of the day. Also the fifth longest reach at 78 inches. Thus far, Dingeldey has talked to multiple NFL and CFL scouts and coaches. Dingeldey plans to continue doing what he loves, and that is playing football. After gaining a bit of weight and muscle the former 250 pound lineman was able to gain enough weight to surpass the 300 pound scale. As you’ll read during the interview, Dingeldey hasn’t had anything given to him. With his size and work ethic, the only place to go from here is up. There is no looking back on anything that he should have or shouldn’t have done. “Go big or go home, follow your dreams and no regrets.”

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1. What was your height and weight going into college?

Going into college I was 6′ 3″ and about 250 pounds.

2. What are you at now?

Right now I’m 6′ 3.5″ and around 308 pounds.

3. How did you adjust changing from a small school in HS, than going to Ferris? (School and football wise)

I picked a school that was not huge, Ferris has around 14,000 students. The town of big rapids is about the size of Marquette, so that was nice. As far as football goes, it was different. I was used to having 21 guys on the football team, and now I’m on a team of well over 100. You really have to prove yourself to get the respect of the other players.

4. Favorite NFL team?

My favorite NFL has always been the Lions.

5. How was the combine?

The NFL regional combine in Minnesota was a great experience, I had a great time. I had spent so much time preparing for it at Total Sports Performance Center in Wixom, MI that I just wanted to do the combine already. When it came time to perform at the combine, I just did what I’ve been training for and have a good time and enjoy the experience.

6. How was your High school career?

My high school career was awesome. We never had a great team or anything but it was some of the best years of my life.

7. What was your pro day like and involve?

The pro day at CMU was another great time. It involved vertical jump, broad jump, 225 reps, 40, short shuttle, 3 cone, and position drills. It was nerve racking because there are about 30 scouts there and when you are testing, they’re all watching. Again, it was a great experience.

8. What teams have you talked to?

I’ve talked to some NFL teams and a couple CFL teams.

9. What is the next step in your process to make an NFL roster?

I have really done all I can do at this point. Right now it is up to my agent and my testing numbers to find the best fit for me. I will watch the draft and get ready for free agency.

10. How do you improve in the off-season?

Every summer I spent in Big Rapids getting prepared for the upcoming season. Myself and my 3 roommates always were some of the hardest workers and enjoyed working out all summer in BR. Preparing for the combine and pro day I commuted from BR to Wixom, MI to train at Total Sports Performance Center. There I trained with other NFL hopefuls under our head trainer, Jim Kielbaso. I loved working out there and I have seen a big jump in my testing numbers after training there.

11. Did you ever play other sports?

In high school I played basketball, one season of golf and one season of track. I really wished I would have played hockey as well.

12. If you do not make an NFL roster to start, what will you do?

I plan to pursue a job in the business administration field if pro ball does not pan out. I am also open to playing in the CFL if the NFL does not work out.


“This is such an opportunity for him just to be seen by the scouts and coaches of the NFL. We believe he is following his dream. He has put a lot of effort and hard work into everything he has done. Go big or go home, follow your dreams with no regrets, as Cody would say.

Cody has played football since the 7th grade at L’Anse, when he got this opportunity to play college football we never really saw passed that, we were all so proud and excited for him to get this opportunity, as so many others don’t get the opportunity to play past high school.  And now with all of this going on with the possibly to play in the NFL it leaves me speechless and anyone who knows me, knows that is hard to do.

We believe that everyone has to start somewhere and if they’ve watched any of the game tapes or just what they’ve seen with his training and testing and at the pro day and combine, he deserves a shot. I heard there were a lot of scouts when he participated in the NFL Combine in Minnesota on March 5th. His size and what he has learned in the training with getting a little more agility, that he deserves a chance as any other hardworking student athlete that wants to move on and fulfill their dreams.” – Cheryl Dingeldey, mother.

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