FaZe Rugs 23rd Birthday Party Reportedly Shut Down By LAPD Riot Squad

I always love a good party story and it seems like FaZe Rug and his friends had an interesting birthday party. His birthday was on November 19th as he turned 23 but from the pictures below it shows that his birthday party was roughly five days ago.

Think about that crew above… That’d be a wild party with just Logan Paul and the NELK Boys, let alone thousands of others.

According to Mike Majlak on ImPaulsive:

“We went to Faze Rugs birthday party. It got shut down by LAPD riot squad.”

“Did the helicopters come?” – Spencer

“I don’t think so, they should have invited like 200 people to keep the party chill.” Then Mike went on to say that he’d guess there was about 2,000 people at the party.

They talked about it shortly below – roughly at 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

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