Barstool Sports: El Pres. Get Smitty A Stream Room

Alright Dave. Before you have your meeting with Smitty let me as a bystander and longtime Barstool maniac let me tell you my opinion on Barstool Gametime.

To Dave Portnoy (El Pres):
I’ve been following Barstool since the days of your podcast on BlogTalkRadio. I feed off Barstool. The content’s awesome. Having a bad day? Oh, I’ll go checkout the Rundown. Or see if there’s someone live on Twitch.  Or go tune into a podcast. The contents amazing. And the Twitch platform is unlimited.

With the news of your new office please consider a streaming room for Smitty.

And well not just Smitty.

For us the fans as well..

Rather if that is Smitty streaming or different employees talking over a different video game.. GameTime needs an upgrade.

People love the content. Smitty is one unique streamer. And for people to say he needs to be on other games, Fortnite is still the most watched game and it’s constantly changing and it’s not going anywhere.

BarstoolGametime with the same hours everyday, it’ll be even three times the size in no time. Smitty’s done a great job getting Twitch to where it is, I think it’s time he gets even more recognition.

Image result for barstool gametime

Did you see Ninja’s stream-room?

Does Smitty deserve that nice of stream room? Maybe not. But something better to work with than what he has. And a schedule that GameTime fans know.

ProSportsExtra/ the blog that covers everything, even bloggers from other networks. You read TV show blogs, well Barstool seems pretty similar in my eyes.

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