Detroit Lions Defensive Breakdown

by Trevor Uren | Posted on Sunday, June 24th, 2012

Left Defensive End: Well if Cliff Avril agrees to play under the franchise tag, then Avril will undoubtedly have the starting job. Last season Avril lead the Lions in sacks (11). If the Lions don’t have Avril by week one, Lawrence Jackson will be starting at the left side. Last season Jackson played in 11 games, and helped the Lions produce 4.5 sacks. The Lions also have Everette Brown, who was drafted by the Carolina Panthers, and this off-season was signed from San Diego by Detroit. Brown has potential, being drafted in the second round, and will see a lot of playing time if Avril does not signed back.
Left Defensive End Conclusion:
With the Lions not signing Avril back to a deal yet, which in my mind they must, things are looking grim. While picking up Brown was a good help the the team, Avril just means too much to the Lions. So, in my mind, Detroit is better off getting Avril to be on the team.

Right Defensive End:
Kyle Vanden Bosch right now is the guy. He is the leader on the Lions defense, and, while he scares players with his red contacts in his eyes, he also plays extremely good football. Vanden Bosch is explosive off the line, getting 8 sacks last season. He is one of the few players on the Lions’ roster who can tackle consistently without much of a problem. The Lions also have Willie Young, who also shows great off the edge speed. In my mind, Young is a very underrated player. He helped the Lions with 3 sacks last season, but with more playing time most likely coming this season, I think Young has a lot of things in store for the Lions.
Right Defensive End Conclusion:
Detroit’s defense is lead by Kyle Vanden Bosch, and has been since 2010. He is the 12 year veteran on the defense, but still shows his amazing tackling ability like I stated earlier. With him getting older, you can expect Willie Young to play a bit more, to learn for the future. I think at right defensive end the Lions are pretty solid.

Left Defensive Tackle: Detroit has Ndamukong Suh who is one of the younger beast tackles in the league. I’m not sure I can agree that Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh is overrated, like’s Pete Prisco is saying. I think last season he had decreased season from his rookie season, when he went from 10 sacks to 4 sacks. The Lions also have Nick Fairley, who last season was walking around in a boot for part of the season, from getting injured before the season. The disappointing thing is, Fairley will be missing a couple of games this season due to his D.U.I and marijuana arrest. While playing, he had only recorded 1 sack. The Lions also have Andre Fluellen who can help the team out.
Left Defensive Tackle Conclusion:
Well, the Lions are lead by one of the powerful tackles in the game, Ndamukong Suh. And have another young player in Fairley. The Lions if can stay healthy and out of fines and suspensions are pretty stacked at DT.
Right Defensive Tackle: The Lions have Corey Williams and Sammie Lee Hill, who are both talented players. Last season Hill helped the Lions with 1.5 sacks and Williams helped with 2. Both players did not get in there a lot, but were great run stuffers. And while looking at the stats, I am kinda disappointed at this part of the team. I think both players should be putting up better stats.
Right Defensive Tackle Conclusion
I think that Detroit will be fine here. It is certainly not their strongest anchor on the defense, however I think that if both Williams and Hill can get into the offensive line of other teams heads and free up Suh, I think they will do just fine.

Left Outside Linebacker: The Detroit Lions left outside linebacker starter is Justin Durant, who last season was a key pick up for Detroit, and he helped them out a bunch. They also have the rookie Tahir Whitehead who will be helping learn from Durant.

Left Linebacker Conclusion: If Whitehead and Durant can play solid this season, this will be another key part of the defense. I can see Whitehead has impressed in training camp, and will be a starter in the next couple of seasons.

Middle Linebacker: The starter is Stephen Tulloch and Ashlee Palmer, after is rookie Ronnie Sneed. I see Palmer drpping down and Sneed coming up and getting a lot of playing time.

Conclusion: They Lions team is solid here. As long as Sneed can grow.

Right Linebacker: The Lions have DeAndre Levy and Ronnell Lewis; all players will get playing time even Doug Hogue. All players here will get a chance to play. Levy will be the starter though.



Chris Houston and Aaron Berry are the starters. They also have ex-Colt Jacob Lacey and rookie Dwight Bentley. The Lions this offseason lost Eric Wright. But the back-ups Jonte Green, Alphonso Smith, Don Carey and Chris Greenwood are looking impressive in camp.


The Lions team here is a lot better than they were last season. I am very glad that they have these new players coming in, and I think they will do just fine.

Strong Safety: Amari Spievey is the starter, and I am glad that he is the starter, because in my mind he is a great player. And having Ricardo Silva as the back-up, I think that he is a decent back-up.

Conclusion: I think Spievey will be strong, as he was last season. In my mind, I think that there will be some mid season struggles.

Free Safety: Louis Delmas is one of the best up-coming safeties in the NFL. I think that he is a great force. He is a strong player.  They also have Erik Coleman and special teams star, John Wendling.

Conclusion: STRONG! Thats one word that the FS is for Detroit.

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