Denver to go with Sanchez?

by Connor Green | Posted on Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

The Denver Broncos are the defending Super Bowl champions who had one of the most impressive defensive seasons in recent history yet the Bronco’s have had a tumultuous off season starting with the expected retirement of the Broncos soon-to-be hall of fame quarterback, Peyton Manning. This was to be expected from the almost forty year old veteran, however something unexpected happened with the Broncos supposed next quarterback, Brock Osweiler went to sign with the Houston Texans instead of the Broncos leaving the Broncos with a big void to fill in the quarterback position. The Broncos then quickly went out and traded for former first round pick Mark Sanchez in exchange for a conditional 7th round pick in next years draft (traded with the Eagles). That was a little over ten days ago and with the draft approaching and free agency quickly approaching an end the question on everyone’s mind is will the defending Super Bowl champions start Mark Sanchez, who has only played in 13 games in the past three years and was certainly nothing special in his time with the Jets. The Broncos have had reportedly showed interest in 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, however at this time no deal has been made. Also with the draft approaching it is certainly not out of the question that the Broncos try to pick up a talented young quarterback to try to fill the void they have at the quarterback position. For the sake of argument let’s say the Broncos do decide to ¬†give Sanchez a chance, will this significantly affect the AFC West? Not necessarily in the way your thinking because despite Sanchez’s struggling start to his career he has never played quite as bad as Manning played last season where he tied for the league lead in interceptions (17) and had a passer rating of 67.9 and yet the Broncos still won the Super Bowl as well as the AFC West. Maybe the Broncos do not need an above average quarterback to win, maybe all they need is a Sanchez who has a mediocre career 74.3 passer rating and has a career touchdown to interception ratio of 86-84, but if they can win with Manning’s performance last year should we not at least consider that they could with Sanchez under center.¬†Philadelphia Eagles v Detroit Lions

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