Dennis Rodman on the Modern NBA: “All These Guys Should Quit Wearing Tampons”

Welcome to the Twilight Zone, where Dennis Rodman is the voice of reason.

TMZ Sports caught up with Rodman as he was on his way to Jen Cohen’s “Habits and Hustle Podcast” on Wednesday. Rodman was wearing a red “MAKE BASKETBALL TOUGH AGAIN” hat.

Although it may be hard for modern fans to understand, once upon a time the NBA was full of players who weren’t all best friends.  A league that wasn’t full of flopping crybabies who can’t take criticism from the sports media.

When TMZ Sports asked Rodman the meaning behind his hat, he said “All these guys should quit wearing tampons.”

Kudos Dennis Rodman. I would expect nothing less from a legend of the Pistons Bad Boys era.

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