Deflate Gate: Ravens Deny Tipping Off Colts About Patriots

by John Syders | Posted on Thursday, August 6th, 2015

The Baltimore Ravens have come out and denied any involvement in tipping off the Indianapolis Colts about New England’s alleged tampering with footballs in “Deflate Gate”

“Prior to the AFC Championship game, no one from the Ravens talked to the Colts about deflated footballs,” the Ravens said in a statement Wednesday. “We knew nothing of deflated footballs. (Head coach) John Harbaugh has been consistent in his answers to reporters about this since he was first asked on NBC-TV at the Super Bowl.”

Harbaugh confirmed he was a aware that his kicking coach contacted Chuck Pagano and told him “to pay close attention” to how officials rotated kicking balls, but insisted the Ravens didn’t mention anything about watching out for “deflated” footballs or accuse the Patriots of flat out cheating in any way.

Harbaugh was adamant in his denial of the Ravens involvement in this incident,

“I’ve been consistent from the beginning when asked about whether the Ravens tipped off the Colts about deflated footballs. I’ll say it again – we didn’t. We knew nothing about deflated footballs.”

In other words the Ravens sour grapes from loosing to New England caused them to take an action and now they don’t want to lay in the bed they clearly have made.

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