Dear NFL Players… I’ve Got An Idea Don’t Jump Into The Crowd During Away Games

Why jump into the crowd during an away game? Give me an honest answer. Because the only one logical is for a player to be taunting the fans of the opposing team.

You’re destroying a team and you decide okay…. This is now my turf, I’m going to drop a big fuck you to this fanbase and jump into the crowd and do your version of a Lambeau leap.

What do you thinks going to happen? Nothing good will come from it.

Listen, I understand why someone would be mad if a beer was dumped on them. But don’t jump into the crowd.

And everyone is acting like this is the first time this has happened.

I’ve got an idea… don’t go into the crowd during away games.

I’ve got an idea to solve this.

Only do this at home games OR if it’s a section of ONLY your team’s fans. Clearly the one fan wasn’t even right where you were celebrating. C’MON MAN!

And for the players to start crying about this, oh my god. Can we get back to football? What is this? This has been happening for years.

Could you imagine being at a WWF event and Stone Cold smashing a beer over you and then start crying like Logan Ryan?

It’s almost like he’s in preschool:

Or being at a Harlem Globetrotters game and having the water poured on you and wanting something to happen to the player because “we are fans, we are humans too”….

If I was a player I’d be more worried about this:

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