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Deal Reached On Outrageous $19K Upper Peninsula Water Bill

Imagine getting your water bill and finding out that you owe $19,000.

What would you do? 

This is what owners of a rental house, Ashley and Matt Cody have been dealing with after nearly one-million gallons of water leaked from a broken pipe at the property in Ishpeming, Michigan.

A tenant and the city were not aware of the two-month spill in the home’s crawl space.

TV station WLUC says the city council voted 3-2 Tuesday to charge what it costs the city to send the water through the meter.

The bill can be paid without interest over 12 months and will include a new water meter.

Ashley Cody says city leaders have been “extremely accommodating.”

On Tuesday after multiple meetings with the city, the council voted to only charge what it cost the city to send the water through the meter.

That came out to about $2,500. What a break. Still a large amount but much better than $19,000. 

Check your pipes folks.

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