Dallas Cowboys: The Real Problem

by Dylan Hargis | Posted on Thursday, November 29th, 2012

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The same tune has been playing for the Dallas Cowboys since their last Super Bowl victory and the departure of mastermind head coach Jimmy Johnson. The words talented yet lacking discipline often comes to mind when describing the Cowboys. After an 8-8 season the Cowboys shopped for some new toys in Brandon Carr and rookie Morris Claiborne. So that was supposed to solve the Cowboy’s problems and lead them to the playoffs right? WRONG! The defense still gives up big plays and the offense fails to be explosive at the right times and close out games. Why does this continue to happen?
The answer has a smaller and bigger picture to it. The smaller picture has to do with the offensive line’s inability to block quarterback Tony Romo and the fact they lead the NFL in penalties. This is not the Cowboys biggest problem. Many fans point the finger at current head coach Jason Garrett. Garrett does often fail to call the best play for the situation and has been called “bone-headed” by the likes of former Cowboy stars like Micheal Irvin and Jimmy Johnson. This still is not the biggest problem in the Cowboy’s franchise.
To find the biggest reason for the Cowboy’s failure we must go to the very top, and by that I mean Owner/General Manager Jerry Jones. Jones has made the team a laughingstock among the NFL and as long as Cowboy’s Stadium continues to sell out, fans may be looking at several more years like the previous seventeen they just endured. Jones best move would to be find a real head coach and find a real general manager. The Jones’ lead Cowboys may struggle for seasons to come without a major change.
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