Curry And KD Throw A Tantrum

Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant are two more names you can add to the timeout corner this NBA season, after they were ejected during last night’s loss against the Memphis Grizzlies. Curry went up for a layup and was looking for a foul, but when he didn’t get it, he threw his mouth guard in frustration in direction of the referee. To top it all off, Durant argued as well, getting him ejected with Curry. Durant also decided to leave a nice parting gift for a fan, as you’ll see around 41 seconds into the video below:

When you have players like this, who can’t seem to get it under control, you end up having to look at the coach to discipline them, just as you would parents to discipline their screaming kids in a store or restaurant. However, head coach Steve Kerr had a different response to the ejections, saying sarcastically that “I think he should be suspended eight, maybe 10 games for that. It was egregious. It was awful. It endangered thousands of people in the stands.”

If that’s the real attitude of the coach when his players start throwing fits, then it might be a long road for the defending champs this season. The only one who may have any sense left on this team is Draymond Green, who had this to say about the two getting ejected, courtesy of Chris Haynes:

The Warriors fall to 1-2 after last night’s loss in Memphis, where last season they got off to a 16-2 start en route to a championship. It seems now however that the championship has spoiled the new Warriors, and they will have to learn to swallow their pride and keep their attitudes under control if they hope to repeat this year. The Warriors next game is Monday night at Dallas against the Mavericks. Tip off is scheduled for 8:30pm EST, 5:30pm PST.

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