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Clippers Owner Steve Ballmer is a Billionaire Meme Machine

Steve Ballmer

Steve Ballmer isn’t just the former CEO of Microsoft, or an eccentric billionaire. He’s the owner of the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers and now he’s a meme machine.

It all went down at a team press conference on Wednesday, where Ballmer introduced newly acquired players Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.
He was a little excited. So excited in fact that he bypassed his notes and went straight into an unscripted rant which perfectly describes just how excited he is.

“I’m pumped! To say hello, as Clippers, to Paul and Kawhi. Come on! Come on! Come on!!! Get up!!! Come on, get up if you are as psyched as I am. Get up! Yeah! That’s why we’re here today! We got two guys who I am so excited to have. Two guys who are tough. You watch ‘em play they are tough; I love the toughness.”

I can’t decide if Ballmer is naturally that high energy or if he has a permanent IV of cocaine running through his body. Regardless, his energy was palpable, even causing Kawhi to crack a smile.

As Kawhi walked to the podium, it was at that moment that Steve Ballmer turned into a billionaire meme machine.

I can only imagine what’s running through Steve’s head as he looks like a kid opening presents on Christmas Day. Maybe I don’t want to know. He could just be excited to have Kawhi. Or maybe its ass eating szn and his tongue is ready to strike.

I report, you decide.

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