Chicago Bears Beat The Detroit Lions In The Windy City

by Rejean_Houle | Posted on Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012
Going into last nights game the (2-3) Detroit Lions headed in to the (4-1) Chicago Bears. The Bears explosive defense started the game, not giving the Lions a single first down. The first drive for the Bears resulted in a touchdown, for Cutlers first, and only touchdown throw of the night. Afterwords the Lions offense went back onto the field, getting a single first down before the Bears stopped them in their tracks.
The Bears got a single field goal afterwords, thanks to some fumbles in the red zone by the Lions Offense. In the final quarter of the game Stafford came alive and threw a touchdown pass to Ryan Broyles, for Broyles first touchdown in his NFL career. The Bears got their 5th victory this season beating the lions 7-13. After the Lions bye week 2 weeks ago many fans believed that their team would come back from their losing streak, and they did against the eagles, but this current development has many fans questioning whats next.
The Lions play the Seattle Seahawks next week, will they pick up their game, or will there be a repeat of week 7?


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