Boston Celtics

Celtics Hunt Down Timberwolves

After minimal rest from last night’s game in Boston, the Celtics win back-to-back games, tonight’s being against the Timberwolves in Minnesota. The final score of 118-109 the Celtics did everything right tonight and probably better than they ever have this season too!

Gordon Hayward had a phenomenal performance tonight with 30 points and eight assists/ rebounds. From those stats tonight, I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that Hayward is back 🤩! What I also found great about the overall game is that every play went smoothly, and the passing was on point as well! I’m wondering though, if the Celtics will be able to keep up the momentum with their upcoming games against the Knicks and Bulls on Thursday and Saturday (lol, ofc they can 😜).

Anyways, there will be lots of great footage to practice off of within the coming days at practice for the Celtics as a whole and I think these new starting lineups have been beneficial to the team as well.

P.S. I won money off this game #KaChing 🤑


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