Cleveland Cavaliers

Cavaliers Make LeBron’s Old Locker A Towel Closet

Who’ll be taking over LeBron James locker in Cleveland? Not a person. None other than a new towel closet.

After LeBron left the Cavaliers the team had to make some changes, one being the Cavaliers locker room that went under a little renovation and one thing new? A random towel closet. Right where star LeBron James locker was.

In reality, why would they add in a random towel closet in a corner? Right where LeBron’s locker was? Was it a little disrespectful?

Do you honestly think they tried it? At first when I heard they got a renovation I figured there would be some changes but to put a random towel closet? Maybe it wasn’t out of disrespect, maybe it was respectful. That was the Kings locker.

But either way its a weird spot…

“The towel area is tucked away in a corner between Kobi Simmons’ and J.R. Smith’s lockers. Even in the picture, Simmons’ chair is blocking the way. An actual towel closet should be near a hallway, so the equipment staff can have easy access to clear out the laundry — that’s just common design sense” – USA Today.

Click #2  to see more images of the locker.

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