Apr 9, 1 year ago

Ex-NFL player Shawne Merriman joins WWE

Former NFL linebacker¬†Shawne Merriman has joined the WWE. According to reports, Merriman, who goes by the nickname “lights out,” ¬†is working down at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Merriman made an appearance at the 2008…

Mar 4, 1 year ago

Will The Undertaker Ever Lose At Wrestlemania?

We’re only a few short weeks from the biggest event in all of professional wrestling, Wrestlemania. The card will be as stacked as Vince McMahon and his creative team can make it, complete will the same mind-assaulting production reserved for b…

Feb 1, 1 year ago

When Will Vince McMahon Sue Dixie Carter For Plagiarism?

As a lifelong professional wrestling fan I have seen all the promotions over the last three decades come and go. I went to see the (National Wrestling Alliance) NWA on a regular basis. The NWA eventually became WCW (World Championship) Wrestling. Dur…

Jan 27, 1 year ago

Batista Finishes Triumphant Return: Headlines Wrestlemania

The Animal has completed his return, in just 6 days. In his first in-ring action in over 4 years, Batista entered Rumble at number 28 and eliminated Roman Reigns to cement his position as co-headliner of Wrestlemania as he is slated to face Randy Ort…

Nov 8, 2 years ago

WWE: ‘Corporate Kane’ Character Has Potential

Veteran big man Kane returned to Monday Night Raw a few weeks. It didn’t take long for Kane to turn heel for the 817th (a rough estimate)¬†time as he pledged his allegiance to the¬†‘evil’ Stephanie McMahon. “The monster is you…

Jan 28, 2 years ago

Another Royal Rumble In The Books

Another annual event is put in the books. The WWE has ended the annual Royal Rumble and it was a good one! During the PreShow on YouTube, U.S. Champion Antonio Cesaro successfully defended his title against The Miz. When the Pay Per View went on the …

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Jan 12, 2 years ago

The Road To Wrestlemania Begins At The Royal Rumble

After the TLC Pay Per View event, we are now on the Road To Wrestlemania. This road features a lot of twists and turns, where all the superstars of WWE try to reach the ultimate goal: Headline Wrestlemania 29. After TLC, John Cena got betrayed by AJ …

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Jan 8, 2 years ago

The History Of The Royal Rumble

Every January since 1988, the World Wrestling Entertainment (Back from 88 till 2002, was known as the World Wrestling Federation), has had an event where 30 men fight for a goal, to be the last man standing: The Royal Rumble match. Since 1988, The Ro…

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Jan 6, 2 years ago

Has WWE Lost Its Senses?

Back in 1997 the WWE (back then WWF) entered a new era that would spark everything and change the whole wrestling world. The Attitude Era had great superstars including Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, D-Generation X, The Undertaker, Kane, Mankind,…

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Jan 6, 2 years ago

Upcoming events in the WWE

With the Royal Rumble coming up on January 27, 2013 Superstars have already started to enter the Royal Rumble. Names include; Sheamus, Randy Orton, and John Cena. Many more to come on but this is as of right now. Sheamus and John Cena have been past …

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