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Apr 6, 2 weeks ago

Los Angeles Raiders in 2016? St. Louis? San Antonio? OKC? What Say You?

    A few days ago I did an article on a possible move of the Oakland Raiders to Oklahoma City and it went viral¬†for me with a current 16,000 plus¬†likes on¬†my Facebook¬†and growing.¬†Here on¬†we received thousands of p…

Apr 5, 2 weeks ago

LaRon Landry never skipped arm day

LaRon Landry is a defensive back in the NFL, and I would not want to be hit by him by the looks of his arms. LaRon Landry has always had huge arms dating back to his college days, but this is ridiculous. His arms are as big as his head. LaRon Landry …

Apr 1, 2 weeks ago

Oakland Raiders Make Move to OKC; New Ownership Richest in the NFL

It might be a surprise to the nation, but to the folks in Oklahoma City, the buzz of having the NFL come and locate to the great state of Oklahoma,¬†it wasn’t. The NFL’s Oakland Raiders, wanting to get a new place to play, either in Oakla…

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Mar 30, 3 weeks ago

Bradford The Man In Philly?

Sam Bradford has a chance to finally play for a team that can give him what he needed from day one when he¬†entered the NFL.¬†¬† That is, a¬†franchise that can protect him as he leads a team playing in¬†an offensive system to his liking. The former H…

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Mar 25, 3 weeks ago

Tennessee Titans to draft Mariota?

    The Tennessee Titans control the No. 2 overall pick in this year‚Äôs NFL Draft and have been rumored in almost every mock draft to be taking DT Leonard Williams out of USC. Tennessee has¬†hired former Pittsburgh Steelers defensive coord…

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Mar 21, 4 weeks ago

Chuck Bednarik, The NFL’s Great Hitter, Dead at 89

I cannot tell you how former NFL great and husband of Kathy Lee feels about it today, but Frank Gifford could tell you how he felt many years ago when Philadelphia Eagles defensive stalwart Chuck Bednarik hit him so hard in a game in 1960 that the Al…

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Mar 21, 4 weeks ago

Three possible draft targets for the Miami Dolphins

    With free agency all but over, many experts turn their sights to the coveted NFL Draft. One of the teams with an interesting situation is the Miami Dolphins, who currently have the 14th pick in the NFL Draft, allowing them to draft a co…

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Mar 15, 1 month ago

What Makes NFL Sports Betting Attractive?

NFL games are bet on more than any other type of sport. Each season, these games are watched by thousands of passionate fans. If you count yourself among these fans, and would like to add an extra element to your enjoyment of the game, you may want t…

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Mar 12, 1 month ago

Eddie Royal and Antrel Rolle Sign with Bears

        According to reports former second round pick (2008) Eddie Royal has signed a three-year contract, the amount was not released yet. ¬†Royal who is a wide receiver has been a member of the Denver Broncos and San Diego Charg…

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Mar 11, 1 month ago

Darrelle Revis Just Schooled the NFL

    Let me start this article off by saying “Darrelle Revis is a genius” and then explaining why.     Darrelle Revis a genius, here’s why.     There isn’t a player in the league with knowledge of …

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