Can The 49ers Recover From Losing Patrick Willis?

by Dylan Dunkirk | Posted on Tuesday, March 10th, 2015
Patrick Willis

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Can the 49ers recover from the loss of Patrick Willis?


When San Francisco 49ers Middle Linebacker Patrick Willis announced his retirement it took almost everybody by surprise. Here is a guy that is at the top of the hill walking down.

Willis is 30 years old with almost one thousand tackles. He’s made the Pro Bowl every year in his career besides this last season due to a toe injury midway through the season. San Francisco is not worried about any sort of loss in production on the field when he is gone. Chris Borland preformed extremely well in his first season and is very capable of taking over the starting role.

What fans and the 49ers alike are worried about is the loss of their leader, their emotional leader, their voice.

With number 52 not on the field somebody has to step up and lead that defense. Likely NaVorro Bowman or Antoine Bethea will take that job.

However for this team to be successful this year it will take Colin Kaepernick leading the pre- game speech. Kap needs to step up and be a leader for this team and say “I can lead this team to victory.” All eyes are on him to preform and if he does not it’s back to square one.

So can the 49ers overcome this? Sure they can. However a lot of things have to work out for them to be a successful football team this year. People should not sleep on them but they also should not expect them to go far into the playoffs, if even making the playoffs at all.


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