Bruce Brown The Most Underrated and Unknown NBA Player

I didn’t want to look up every NBA player on Twitter, but Detroit Pistons guard Bruce Brown only has 4,000 followers. Crazy for a player who has started in majority of the games for the Detroit Pistons this season. But on the flip side, Detroit fans love him and his energy he brings to Detroit. If he is on the bench or on the court you can feel the energy he brings.

This season is his rookie season he is averaging 20 minutes a game, 4.5 points, 2.7 assists, and an assist. Not bad for a player who is only known for his defense and a player who Detroit drafted in the second round last year. Over this coming off-season he will have to develop his jump shot and three point shot. But throughout the season you can see his shot has improved. Coming into the season Brown’s shot didn’t seem to have much arch on the ball, but you can tell it’s something he has been working on.

Brown as a sophomore in college averaged 11.4 points, 7 rebounds, and four assists. He only played 19 games due to needing foot surgery, but also didn’t hire an agent while entering the draft. With the next couple of drafts being pretty deep this could be a smart move for Brown. But also could have developed more if he stayed longer.

Let’s get him some followers though…

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