Browns asking for trouble?, Pettine: We have discussed signing Ray Rice

by John Syders | Posted on Wednesday, August 12th, 2015

Early at the start of last season the NFL was drowned in controversy as the shocking and graphic video of former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice knocking his fiancee out cold in an elevator surfaced online.   The uproar against the NFL was masses as it seemed the entire human population was calling for Ray Rice to be burned at the stake.  The NFL responded with a swift life time ban (as if they had a real choice at that point).

The formal ban on him would later be lifted, but as many teams refused to even acknowledge his existence, it was as if the ban on Rice had never been lifted. Ray Rice would presumably remain in NFL purgatory for the rest of his career in the NFL.

That all changed Tuesday.

Cleveland Head Coach Mike Pettine acknowledged to’s Don Banks on Tuesday that the Browns have discussed signing Rice, who has been out of league since his release by the Ravens last September.

Frustrated with Brown’s running back Duke Johnson,  assistant coach (running backs) Wilbert Montgomery shockingly stated “Nobody wants the role.”

At this point adding a veteran would be the natural response for any team.  When asked if Rice could possibly fill that role Pettine stated:

“Of course it’s a natural question here because of Wilbert, and because I was with Ray when he was a Ravens rookie and know a lot of people in Baltimore,” Pettine said. “Obviously Wilbert was his position coach for Ray’s first six years in the league. I’m not going to say it didn’t come up in discussion, but at this point we’re not there yet.”

With an ugly title like “the poster boy of domestic violence”, Ray Rice would definently be a problem player to bring in and the Browns would have to ask what kind of impact on the locker room would Rice have? Would he be respected? Could he fit into a club house?

What about the organization as a whole? Would bringing a controversial media into an already shaky franchise like Cleveland only make things worse? Could the team shut out the outside “stuff” and focus soley on football?

Pettine seems to be laying ground work for an argument to bring Rice into the fold. If his lack luster back feild doesn’t improve, he continued:

“I don’t think it’s gotten to that point, to say, ‘Hey, I’d kind of be comfortable with it, but I think it would get to that point if we arrived at it from a football standpoint, then asked that question. Instead of working the process backwards. Why bother with asking the question if the need never presents itself?”.

The Browns know they are in dangerous territory bringing a convicted “women beater” into the nucleus of there franchise.  The Browns seem to be smart with the situation.  Testing the waters as a hypothetical situation, gage the public response and base you’re opinion off that.  Cleveland is doing just that.

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