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Breaking: Matt Stafford Played With Broken Back In 2018 And Didn’t Cry Like Aaron Rodgers

Last season was tough for the Detroit Lions and well… today we learned that Matthew Stafford, Iron Man you could say played with a broken back for part of the year. Matt Stafford is a leader and one hell of a guy. I hope that back is healthy buddy, it’s gonna be a good season!

What strength… A broke back? Matt Stafford is Iron man! He’s gotten banged up, but his strength always overcomes it.

According to Detroit Sports Nation:

During the Lions Dec. 2 loss to the Los Angeles Rams, Stafford hurt his back and despite missing practices the next week, he suited up and played against the Arizona Cardinals.

In that game, Stafford was held to just 101 passing yards and zero touchdowns but according to Mike O’Hara of, the Lions’ signal-caller may have been playing with a broken back.

One the most recent edition of the Ken Brown and Mike O’Hara podcast, O’Hara casually revealed that Stafford played with broken bones in his back this past season.

“As it turns out, he had a broken back last year, broken bones in his back,” O’Hara said.

As soon as O’Hara said it, Brown chimed in surprised.

“Were you supposed to say that?” Brown replied.

O’Hara replied that it had already been reported, but unless I missed something, that’s not the case. It had been reported that he played with an injured back but if there is a report out there that Stafford’s back was broken, I missed it.

Talk about a man of grit, power, and you know it determination. A broken back? I sprain my pinkie and I cry. Let alone break my back and play a football season. Could you imagine if A-a-a-a-a-a-r-o-o-o-n R-o-d-g-e-r-s- had this happen? Oh my god, the world would end, pussy.

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