Brad’s Butt Beauties – Rating the 5 Best Women’s Butts in WWE

Oh my God Becky, look at her butt. Throughout history, anacondas don’t want none unless you’ve got buns, hon. But which women have the best buns in WWE – I recently set out on a very difficult mission to figure this out.

The research was intense. Some may even say it was hard. I went back and forth – mostly back. Ultimately, I was determined to deliver the juicy booty goods to our loyal audience.

People have appreciated a good assthroughout human history, although it’s taken on a life of its own as a popculture phenomenon, beginning in the 2000’s.

So, what makes a good ass? It shouldbe shapely and reasonably proportionate – it can’t be flat. Pancake ass is areal thing, and there are support groups for it – or at least there should be.It also can’t be fat, but it can be phat.

There are five basic booty shapes;the square butt, the round butt, the pear butt, the inverted butt and the ‘babygot back’ butt.

Now that you understand the methodto my madness a little better, here are the five best butts on femaleSuperstars in WWE today, as I rated them:

5) Lana

Lana has just enough back to squeeze into my list. Her round butt brings all the boys to the yard – Lashley included. Also, let’s be honest, how can I not include someone whose wrestling name is ‘anal’ spelled backwards.

4) Naomi

Her entrance music says she’s amazing, and she is. Naomi’s butt is so phat that it’s used as a weapon as one of her signature moves. She has a clear case of ‘baby got back’ butt, and she knows how to work it – put her thing down, flip it and reverse it.

3) Alexa Bliss

Fresh off being medically cleared from injury, Alexa may be hurting, but it’s her booty that’s killing us (in a good way). No tights can contain that thing, and with it placed just proportionate enough on a tiny frame…she just made the list!

2) Bayley

Bayley has a minor case of the ‘baby got back’ butt, and it’s still nicely proportional. She’s got stacks in the back, and her ring attire highlights that.  Butt muscles are naturally underdeveloped, so Bayley’s hard work in that area really shows.

1) Mandy Rose

Coming in at number one is Mandy Rose – I officially dub the with the best women’s butt in WWE. Mandy’s badunkadunk is a modern day masterpiece that even Michelangelo couldn’t have sculpted in his prime. It’s round, shapely, proportionate and like Bayley, a bit of the ‘baby got back’ butt.

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