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Bob Menery hosted The NELK Boys on his latest podcast episode and the topic everyone has been talking about was brought up. 905 shooter!

What happened with him? Why was he removed? Has the NELK team remained in contact with him? All the big questions.

The podcast wasn’t the full NELK Boys crew as they were missing Jesse, who is one of the two original members left. The two other members Kyle and SteveWillDoIt were able to make the podcast.

As I reported the day that 905 shooter was removed from the pranksters channel, rumors broke that he was removed for sending unsolicited pictures of his dick. NELK Boys members Kyle and Steve both confirmed on The Ripper Magoo podcast that it’s true and the reason that he was removed. They also talked about how 905Shooter was lazy and never edited videos.

Kyle even mentioned that it got to the point where they’d be walking in Los Angeles or home in Canada and people would come up to them talking about how 905 shooter sent pictures. Kyle also mentioned that he gave 905 warnings about this for about three years.

During the podcast they also confirmed that 905 shooter was removed during the final episode of the season! Yup, the episode when they were in Spain and had a couple of random fans with them. Kyle mentioned that during the trip they paid for hookers for the fans and 905 shooter was upset that he didn’t get a hooker for the night and wouldn’t talk to the fans. The fans who were on the trip asked if 905 shooter didn’t like them because he didn’t talk to the fans who were with them at all.

The video of this podcast is NOT available yet, but as soon as it’s uploaded to YouTube I’ll attach it. 

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