Big Guy Nationals Fan Celebrates World Series Win Doing the Slip-and-Slide on Top of Dugout (Video)

We all have our own celebrations of when a team wins a series victory or the Fall Classic itself, but nothing can top this viral sensation. 

Once Washington sports fans seen that they won their first World Series since 1924, (the first in Nationals’ team history) one big guy went-or should I say slid-his to celebrate in the only way we all could see it coming: by ripping off his shirt Hulk Hogan-style and does the slip-and-slide across the top of one of the dugouts at Nationals Park. 

In the NFL Memes video posted on Instagram, watch closely for the guy in the red or brownish shirt on your left. 

Other than shotgunning beers and celebrating in the rain watching the game on the big screen, this will probably top them all in the celebration list for a generation to come.

I would’ve done the same thing if my team haven’t won the World Series in a long time, and likely a couple people will follow suit (no pun intended).   

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