Who is the Best Point Guard in the NBA?

by Cristian | Posted on Monday, December 17th, 2012
What is an NBA point guard? A true point guard is someone with clear court vision, which is showed through assist average. Who do you consider the best point guard in the league currently?
You might argue that it doesn’t count because Derrick Rose is hurt. Well, let’s face the facts! This season assist leaders are:
  1. Rajon Rondo with 12.8 apg.
  2. Chris Paul with 9.0 apg
  3. Jrue Holiday with 8.9 apg.
Derrick Rose last season had an apg of 6.5.
The Boston Celtics have played only 23 games thus far. Rondo is tied with John Stockton with continuous games with double-digit assist. So, who do you think is the best point guard in the NBA?
Image from: Zimbio.com
Derrick Rose is more of a shooting guard. Derrick Rose can shoot the ball better than Rondo, but we are talking about point guards. Rajon Rondo makes his other teammates look better because of how good of a point guard he is.
Once again, who is the best point guard? That is for you to choose!
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