Belichick Pulls Off Draft Heist…Again

by Nicholas Reguin | Posted on Thursday, April 25th, 2013

It never ceases to amaze fans, how Belichick manages to pull off draft day heists the way he has – constantly wheeling and dealing, yet every year, it seems he does it again. This time, Belichick managed to turn one draft pick into four, and the draft is only 1/7th of the way through.

It was expected that Belichick would trade the 29th pick of the draft down to another team, especially when many of the top wide receivers and defensive backs fell in the draft. What wasn’t expected, however, was that the team that was to be traded with, the Minnesota Vikings, would give up four picks for that 29th pick, which they used to select Cordarelle Patterson.

The Patriots now get a second second-round pick, 52nd overall, a second third-round pick, 83rd overall, a second fourth-round pick, 102nd overall, and lastly, a second seventh-rounder, giving the Patriots the 229th overall selection, giving them 8 total picks. The Pats got all of that for only the 29th pick overall, and with the excellent depth at the Patriots’ positions of need, wide receiver and defensive back, the team is still in a great position to get what they need in the draft.

Somehow, it seems that Belichick continues to pull his magic on draft day, and it would like that the Patriots could go from having a mediocre-looking draft, to an excellent one, all in one move.


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