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Barstool Sports Dave Portnoy and Frankie Borrelli Appear On Hit TV Show Bar Rescue | @StoolPresidente @JonTaffer @FrankieBorrelli

Barstool Sports owner Dave Portnoy and employee Frankie Borrelli whose family owns a pizza shop and is known for being behind the camera during Dave’s famous Barstool Pizza Reviews are going to appear on the popular TV show Bar Rescue. 

The Bar owners and employees weren’t too happy when they found out Borrelli ordered one of every pizza, they even called him an asshole behind his back and even mentioned kicking his ass. 

All over ordering a bunch of pizza.

Isn’t that a good thing for business? Shouldn’t you want customers to order a bunch of food and pay a bunch of money?

I can’t wait to watch the most anticipated episode of the year, Barstool Sports X Bar Rescue.

We all know that Dave isn’t scared to rip into people during pizza reviews – I can only imagine what’ll happen during this.

Check out this preview! Electric!

What a preview! I can’t wait.

This isn’t the first time Barstool has appeared on the show as Dan Katz aka Big Cat appeared on the show in the past as well.

Barstool seems to work with Jon Taffer multiple times a year, from pizza reviews, interviews on podcasts, or just stopping by the office but nothing like you’ll see tomorrow once you tune in to a brand new Bar Rescue.

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