Another Tough Loss for the Lakers

by Stefan Abramian | Posted on Thursday, January 31st, 2013

I personally thought Lakers had their pieces together. It looked like yesterday against the Phoenix Suns they had it in the bag. They were up by 13 at one point in the game. I thought to myself, “awesome another win. We have it. 4 game winning streak, we are slowly regrouping cant wait for the next game.” Then the fourth quarter hit. Lakers are turning the ball over and missing shots. Whats going on? Why does this tend to happen on away games? When we are at Staples Center we are doing good, but once we are on the road something happens. It also didn’t help the Lakers that the Suns small forward Michael Beasley caught on fire and went on a scoring run. Pau Gasol also had careless fouls. There was this one play were Gasol should have fouled and he did nothing. He just stood there. Hopefully the Lakers could get it together. If they lose anymore games it would be really though to come back into a reasonable seed. They need to trade someone and quick.¬†¬†They are on their annual “Grammy Round Trip”.

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