Alfred Morris: Wildly Underrated and Underpaid

by John Syders | Posted on Thursday, August 6th, 2015

Alfred Morris is on a very prestigious list with some very prestigious names. The list? NFL running backs who have topped 3,900 yards in their first three seasons. The names that he’s on the list with? Eric Dickerson, Earl Campbell, LaDanian Tomlinson, Emmitt Smith, Eddie George, Ottis Anderson, Terrell Davis, Adrian Peterson, Barry Sanders and Walter Payton.

Alfred Morris is undoubtedly the greatest “late-rounder-turned-all-star” story since that quarterback up in New England. Morris trails only Marshawn Lynch in both rushing yards and carries over the past three seasons.

However, he will only make $1.5 million this upcoming season. The list of running backs that will make more than him this season is nothing short of a federal offense and nearly made me physically sick to my stomach, let’s take a look shall we?

There’s Trent Richardson, (I think I spelled “first-round-bust” wrong). There’s Toby Gerhart, I won’t even go there There’s Danny Woodhead, a do everything type of guy who even with his skill set doesn’t even deserve to have his name anywhere near the likes of Morris and there’s Roy Helu Jr., Alfred Morris’ former back up.

If you aren’t as outraged by that list as me I question why you watch football. Terrell Davis shared his sentiment on the topic feeling bad for Morris’ lost time and money.

“I feel bad for him for a number of reasons, “he’s already put in a lot of work, and he’s never going to make up that time. He’s never going to make up those years in terms of dollars. He just won’t.”

Terrell Davis also has all the room in the world to speak on who’s underatted and under payed seeing as he’s inside the 15 most productive rushers within their first 3 seasons, 12 of them were 1st rounders one was a second only Terrell Davis and Alfred Morris are the only who are on that list whilst being drafted out of the 6th round.

At a position that is famous for having incredibly short shelf life, Alfred Morris is being worked like a superstar while being payed like a back up.

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