Abby Rao Talks Break Up With RiceGum and Internet Hate | @absby

Abby Rao is one of the most popular girls on Instagram and RiceGum is one of the biggest Internet personalities.

Abby talked about how Rice wanted to focus more on his career and she wanted to focus more on “life things”. She also said that she really wasn’t ready for the lifestyle that he wanted.

She also talked about how she got terrible comments after they broke up. She said this happened about two weeks ago, but they’ve always kind of clashed. She also clarified that Rice broke up with her, and after a little time wanted to change his mind. Then said it happened about six months ago.

She said she wants to help the Internet remove a lot of the hate. She said she has so much more to say and so much more inside and wants to figure out which direction she wants to go in now that she has a bigger platform. She said that Rice really inspired her.

They both talked about how mainly ladies get hate on the Internet… Then clarified “besides Logan Paul”… She also said that she thinks it’s weird how much hate Logan Paul gets, because he’s actually a really sweet guy.

This quick Interview was pretty solid, explained the situation and gave everyone a better idea of who Abby Rao really is!

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