6 Undefeated College Football Teams, Ranked

by Trevor Uren | Posted on Sunday, October 21st, 2012
6. Oregon State
Oregon State is currently ranked number eight in the top 25. Their record is currently 6-0. In preseason, they weren’t even thought of making it this far. The Beavers have beaten two top 25 teams already. They are ranked 14th in the nation in passing yards. The two hard teams they will have to play are Stanford and Oregon.
5. Notre Dame
Notre Dame is ranked fifth in the top 25. They shouldn’t be ranked this high. The Irish have got really lucky in four games. They are 7-0 and next week they play Oklahoma.
4. Kansas State
Kansas State is currently ranked 4th in the nation. Without quarterback, Collin Klein, they would not of been unbeaten. Collin Klein is the whole team. He is in the top 5 quarterbacks in college football.  The Wildcats are 7-0 and hope to go to the National Championship.
3. Florida
Florida is an unbeaten, something that no one would of predicted this would have happened. Florida is 7-0 and 6-0 in the SEC games.  The Gators are proving that they should go to the National Championship.
2. Oregon
They Oregon Ducks deserve to be ranked number two in the nation they way they play. Their record is 7-0.  Without having one of the best running games in the nation, I’m not sure if they would be ranked as they are right now. They are ranked fourth in the nation in running.  The rest of their game are going to be tough considering thy play USC, Stanford, and Oregon State.
1. Alabama
Alabama is ranked one in the nation. By the way they are playing, they are probably going to win the BCS Championship. Their record is 7-0. They have already beat number 8 Michigan. The only two teams they have to worry about playing are Mississippi State and Texas A&M. The other 3 games are a piece of cake.  Alabama defense is ranked number one in points against. They are allowing 8.3 points a game.
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