May 26, 1 year ago
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Top 5 Cornerbacks for the 2014-2015 Season

Source: Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images North America

Source: Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images North America

Cornerbacks are so important for an NFL team if they want a chance at defending the league’s most elite receivers. This a list of whom I think the top five corners in the NFL will be this year.

Honorable Mentions

Aqib Talib- Talib is a very skilled coverage man when he is healthy, but that’s the problem, he’s never healthy. Talib will have a good season in Denver, but won’t be healthy enough to fully contribute. Fans can expect a season much like his last in New England.

Janoris Jenkins- Jenkins had a very good rookie season but he disappeared for a bit last season. He will step back up this year and show why he’s one of the league’s best coverage men.

Desmond Trufant- Trufant was the best rookie corner last year and will continue to move up the list of the league’s best corners. He will be close to the league leader in terms of interceptions but will get lost too many times to be top five, at least for this season

5. Alterraun Verner

Verner had a very good season in Tennessee last year. Verner is still young and will continue to get better. This year will be his best so far. In a zone-heavy scheme with Lovie Smith in Tampa Bay, Verner will be put in the best position to succeed. He will have a league high seven interceptions next year but will not be the lockdown guy you need to be higher on the list.

4. Joe Haden

Joe Haden is the first of the next four that has been considered for the number one spot in football. Haden has the ability to lock down guys and we need to remember that being the fourth best cornerback is not a bad thing at all. However, he gets beat more than the rest of these four guys. He can get lost at times.

3. Richard Sherman

Sherman is widely considered the best corner in football after two consecutive eight interception seasons. However, those interceptions mask the fact that he actually gets burned a lot. Last year T.Y. Hilton destroyed him in his game vs the Seahawks. He also only plays on one side of the field. He is great, but not the best.

2. Patrick Peterson

Peterson has been very vocal when saying he believes he is the best corner in football. There is a good argument for him to be there. He is an amazing returner, is blazing fast and can cover. Peterson is someone the opposing team will never want to throw towards. However, Peterson just isn’t as good at locking people down as the number one cornerback.

1. Darrelle Revis

He was once known as the clear-cut best before he tore his ACL, however, since then Sherman has taken over in the media’s eyes. People will say that Revis is injury-prone, which he’s not. He tore his ACL then came back and played all 16 games for Tampa Bay last year. He only picked off two passes last year, but that was largely due to the fact he was playing mostly in a zone. In New England, he will be put in a man-to-man coverage most of the time and will be coached by Bill Belichick. That is a recipe for success if I’ve ever seen one.

- Cameron Andrews is an Editor for ProSportsExtra.comĀ 

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