May 17, 1 year ago

Mark Jackson goes from head coach to ESPN analyst

Source: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images North America

Source: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images North America

When the Golden State Warriors fired their beloved head coach Mark Jackson, we thought he’d go coach for the Lakers or any team who needs a game changing head coach. However, Jackson has just announced that he will become an analyst for ESPN.

Certainly a shocking move. After the Warriors won 50 games this season, Jackson had single-handedly brought that franchise to prosperity after so many years of abominable play. Nobody could believe that he was let go. Jackson was not only a fan favorite in Golden State, his players loved him and played for him like no other team could.

The Warriors recently signed former NBA analyst Steve Kerr as their new head coach. There’s a bit of irony here, now that their former coach now gets to take Kerr’s place on the analyst booth. Jackson will begin his commentating tomorrow in Game One of the Heat-Pacers series. He will be on the set not only for the Eastern Conference Finals, but also for the NBA Finals. We’re all happy for Marc Jackson and look forward to hearing his voice as we watch the rest of these playoffs.

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