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Aaron Murray’s chance in the NFL


Source: Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images North America

Source: Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images North America

The 2014 NFL Draft is loaded with quarterbacks who have plenty of potential. Teams could wind up drafting their starting quarterback in the 7th round. You hear the names like Johnny Manziel, Blake Bortles and Teddy Bridgewater, occasionally A.J. McCarron and Derek Carr. However, one name that people aren’t talking about enough is Georgia’s Aaron Murray.

A four-year starter at the University of Georgia, Aaron Murray ended his career as the best statistical QB in SEC history. His 13,166 passing yards and 121 passing touchdowns are most in SEC history, and he is also the only QB in SEC history to pass for over 3,000 yards in 4 straight seasons.

His draft stock went down tremendously after he tore his left ACL last November. Experts thought he wouldn’t heal for his first NFL season, but six months after surgery we saw him throw at Jon Gruden’s QB Camp and at his Pro Day. He looked tremendous at both, showing great mobility on that knee.

Nobody is expecting Murray to get drafted high or start right away. Even before his ACL injury, experts believed that he didn’t have enough for the NFL. He needs a few years to mold into a quality NFL quarterback, but Murray has always been viewed as an insanely underrated player. He dominated the SEC, where a ridiculous amount of defensive players currently are playing in the pros (think Honey Badger). If you think deeply about it, Murray has more pros as he does cons.

Think of a team like Arizona with Carson Palmer, a talented experienced quarterback, but probably only has a few more years left in the league. Also maybe Dallas, Chicago, even New Orleans. All teams with “older” quarterbacks that could mentor Murray and allow him to grow into the league. If given that chance, Murray will be able to one day take over his team and become a starting quarterback in the NFL.

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