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Mike Mussina Snubbed of Cooperstown Justice

On Wednesday afternoon the Baseball Hall of Fame announcement took place. Enshrining three illustrious career’s into the Hall. This included Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, and Frank Thomas who received Cooperstown justice on Wednesday. Unfortunately, Cooperstown justice was not properly compensated to other candidates.

Earlier this week, I wrote a passionate article demonstrating my disappointment towards the BBWAA for snubbing Curt Schilling’s well deserved Hall of Fame career. It was the second consecutive year that he was scolded from his rightful passage into Cooperstown. Not only did he not get in, but his percentage fell and finished just above 29 percent. An utterly atrocious and insulting percentage for a career of his caliber. Schilling was not the lone snub courtesy of the BBWAA and another citation of their malpractice was Mike Mussina’s dismal percentage.

Mike Mussina cumulated only 20.3 percent of support from the voters. A number that is equally if not more ludicrous than Schilling received. Here is the statistical comparison across the board of starting pitching candidates this year.

Schilling: 3.46 ERA, 3.23 FIP- 29.2%

Mussina: 3.68 ERA, 3.57 FIP- 20.3%

Glavine: 3.54 ERA, 3.95 FIP- 91.9%

Morris: 3.90 ERA, 3.94 FIP- 61.5%

Mussina nicknamed “Moose” took home seven Golden Glove’s in his career. An extraordinary total that places him tied fifth all-time among pitchers to take home this award. Now, this total is eleven less than recently inducted Hall of Famer Greg Maddux, but nonetheless it is a splendid quantity.

On top of exceling on defense and with advanced statistics, Mike appeals to old-school thinkers train of thought as well. Mussina compiled 270 wins in his career, a substantial number that should mean nothing, but holds a lot of weight to the thinking style of the voters. He has a high win total that the writers adore and respectable post-season marks too. In 139 and 2/3 innings Moose collected a 3.42 ERA.

Mike displayed his dominance on the mound in one of the most potent offensive eras in baseball history. Not only did he pitch effectively amidst the “steroid era”, but he pitched so well in the American League East, which is notoriously known as the most robust division in MLB history. Most notably on the offensive side of the ball given the dimensions of the ballparks that the A.L East has to offer.

Mike Mussina is no doubt Hall of Fame worthy, first ballot for the fact. It is a shame that he only managed to salvage minutely over 20 percent of the vote. Mike Mussina should get his due diligence when it is all said and done, and when the ballot is less crowded. However, long that may take, Mussina should and will receive Cooperstown justice.

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