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Interview with ESPN Anchor Jay Harris

ESPN anchor Jay Harris conducted an email interview with ProSportsExtra.com earlier this week, and today the interview goes viral! Jay Harris began his career with ESPN in 2003 primarily working with ESPNEWS in the onset of his ESPN tenure. In 2006 Harris was promoted to co-anchor on the 6 PM SportCenter show with Brian Kenny. Brian Kenny will be interviewing with us later in the week. Jay Harris continued as the co-host for the 6 PM SportsCenter until late December where he now covers the 11 PM segment of SportsCenter. The dynamic duo that once was Brian Kenny and Jay Harris interview’s begins today with Jay Harris who is one of ESPN’s best. It was a privilege and honor that he did this with us. On behalf of all of PSE we thank you so much, Jay!

What was the most memorable moment for you at ESPN? (Zach Libby Staff Writer)

“Wow, I have had so many.  Maybe on my birthday a few years back.  I was anchoring the 6pm Sportscenter, and NBA Hall of Famer Bill Walton walked into the studio with a cake, singing Happy Birthday.  That was cool.”

What is your favorite of the famous “this is Sports Center” commercials? (Ben Wong Staff Writer)

“I really like the Big Buddy one from many years ago.”


“Of the one’s I have been in, it has to be Going Up.”


Hey Jay, do you think the Panthers have what it takes to make it to the Super Bowl? (Paul Crowell: @i_Am_THaT_KiDD (#AskJayHarrisPSE winner))

“I think the Panthers run to the Super Bowl ends Sunday.  I like the 49ers to win that game.”

How is it on the set and when did you know you wanted to work for ESPN? (Jorge Munoz Facebook Fan Winner)

“On the set is electric, and I knew I wanted to work for ESPN when I said yes. I moved from news to sports. It was a great opportunity, but wasn’t on my career radar.”

Do you have any tips for aspiring sports journalists? (Ted Carbone Staff Writer)

“Write, write, write….and write some more. And ask good, open ended interview questions.”

What is your favorite sport to cover? (Brian Kenny Gallagher Staff Writer)

“I love them all.  NBA, Golf, NFL are near the top.”

What made you want to pursue a sports anchor job? (Aaron Leming Staff Writer)

“I didn’t.  I aspired to be a good journalist.  And still do.  I try and get better every day.”

What was your favorite sports team growing up? (Conor Frederick Staff Writer)

“The Boston Celtics were my team growing up.”

Super Bowl Predictions: Who makes it and who wins? Why? (Patrick Green Lead MLB Writer)

“Seattle and Denver…..and I’m rolling with the Seahawks. Total team package.”

What is your prediction for the Chiefs next year? (Deion Hulse: @DeionHulse: Fan Winner)

“They make the Super Bowl next year.”

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